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    Nylon Bead String

    Making your own jewelry can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby to take up, and aside from that you can also craft your jewelry to suit your personal preferences and style. Some people even make a little money on the side once they become more skilled in bead making, but most simp ... Read more

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    Bead String Kits

    Outstanding Bead String Kits At   There's nothing more fun than pulling together your own designer jewelry and beaded home decor, and BeadStrings.comhas a vast array of bead string kits that are perfect for both the professional designer and the novice who is j ... Read more

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    Wire Bead String has wire bead string in a variety of colors and sizes. Wire bead string is a coated beading medium made of several strands of wire twisted together. The coating will ensure that the jewelry pieces have a finished look and that clothing is protected from snags when ... Read more

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    Bead Strings

    People don't need to buy expensive jewelry to make a fashion statement. Fashion accessories can come in many forms. Clothing designers today look for simplicity when complementing their designs. What's important to them is that jewelry represents the personality of the person wea ... Read more

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    Stretchy Bead String carries a variety of stretchy bead string for quick beading projects at any experience level. Stretchy bead string is perfect for inexpensive or informal jewelry, especially children's jewelry. Because it is easy to use, stretchy bead string is great for those jus ... Read more

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