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Bead String Kits

Outstanding Bead String Kits At


There's nothing more fun than pulling together your own designer jewelry and beaded home decor, and BeadStrings.comhas a vast array of bead string kits that are perfect for both the professional designer and the novice who is just looking for a hobby. Browse the collection and find a kit that is just right for you.


For starters, look at some of the basic bead making kits that cover the essentials of beaded jewelry. Look at the Shrinky Dinks Good Time Jewelry Kit that will allow you to make ten different charms to wear or display. The Alex Toys Jewelry Design Studio has an expansive variety of beads for multiple jewelry-making options. It comes with twenty two different containers of beads, shells, and sequins, along with the appropriate variety of string. It's a great beginner's kit. For a professional collection of beads, consider the Bazaar Sofista Morning Whisper Bead Kit. It comes in a stylish wooden box that is subdivided for a variety of styles and colors of beads.


There are also novelty items at For Christmas, consider designing some of your own ornaments. The Holiday Ornament Craft Kit comes with the tools necessary to create bejeweled Christmas trees, snowflakes, and mittens, along with hooks to hang them on the tree. There is also a Nutcracker Beaded Banner Kit for the same season. A couple of months later you can look at the Wilton Valentine Candy Bracelet Kit. For the literary type, the Beaded Sport Ball I Love Reading Bookmark Craft Kit will allow you to make the perfect designer bookmark that is personalized with your name and to your tastes. There is a whole series of banners that you can string together and use to decorate your home. There are four seasonal banners with images appropriate to each part of the year. There are also holiday banners for Valentines and Christmas. Hang a beautiful, beaded "welcome" banner inside your front door and display your crafts for all your guests to see.


A number of the kits at that would make great gifts. Look at the American Girl Party Ring Activity kit, you can have a ring making craft at your daughter's next birthday party. Everyone gets to take home a great party gift that they made themselves. For the child who is just learning to work on crafty projects, the Alex Little Hands String My ABC's contains the twenty six letters of the alphabet in the form of wooden beads that can be strung together to practice letters and learn words. It makes a great gift for the little learner in your home. For the teen girl who is just beginning to learn to express herself artistically, try the Aquastone Group Style Me Up Bead Stringer Kit. has gifts that are appropriate for everyone.


Beadmaking is now easier than it ever has been before. With the bead string kits available at, you can craft your own jewelry, Christmas ornaments, children's toys and more. Browse the collection here and get started on the most fun hobby of your life.


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