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Bead Strings

People don't need to buy expensive jewelry to make a fashion statement. Fashion accessories can come in many forms. Clothing designers today look for simplicity when complementing their designs. What's important to them is that jewelry represents the personality of the person wearing it, which doesn't always have to be gold or diamonds. Bead strings, like the ones offered at give people a simple and cost-effective option when it comes to choosing accessories. There are many different types of bead strings, with each one having its own unique qualities and characteristics. Understanding the bead string can help shoppers better choose the prefect accessory to go with their style.


What is a Bead String?


Designers make bead strings using a number of different materials. This type of custom-made jewelry usually uses either wire or lace string to thread the accessory and hold it together. Each bead string gives the user a unique feel. Consumers can find different kinds of bead strings at online sites like the ones offered at It's important for consumers to know the differences of each string before buying their first accessory.


Silk Tread


Accessory designers use a silk bead string for classic designs. Rare stones and precious jewels, including pearls, normally have silk bead strings to threading the accessory. Silk string costs more than other strings because of its high quality, elegance and superior resistance to tearing. Silk bead strings can come in a variety of colors.


Nylon Material


Nylon bead strings are the most common found on the market. This threading material is good for beading necklaces and wrist bands, as the thread resists weather and water better than silk string. Nylon bead strings, like the ones found on, also come in different colors and are the easiest strings to knot for those who create their own jewelry.


Monofilament Jewelry


Monofilament or fishing line also appears in bead string accessories. This type of line material shows up in lower priced jewelry, as it cost less than nylon bead string that's made specifically for jewelry. Monofilament is also weather resistant but is a bit easier to break than traditional nylon string.


Nymo and Silamilde


Nymo bead string is a ribbon like martial used in threading hersi, and its cousin Silamilde is a pre waxed ribbon string. Both types of bead strings thread seed-type beads because its waxed surface is easier to tread material that has rough edges.


Leather Thread


Leather and faux leather bead strings are some of the best type of material for accessories that go through rough use. Hikers, surfers and outdoor sport athletes who use jewelry prefer bead strings made from leather and faux leather because of its ability to resist nature's elements, including the sun, snow and sea. The leather bead string never dries out or rusts giving the user some comfort to know that their favorite jewelry is safe as they head outdoors.


Wire Material


Wire and coated wire bead strings are becoming more popular with designers. This martial can be used to thread any type of jewelry. In the past, designers refrained from using this type of bead string because of rusting when exposed to water. With today's new coated wire, accessories are free from rust worries as the bead string's wire comes coated with a silicone type material for protection.


Knowing about the different types of bead strings on the market and deciding which one suits a given lifestyle, helps consumers in choosing the best bead string accessory for them. People interested in buying bead strings can check out to browse through their wide selection of accessories available for purchase.


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