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Stretchy Bead String carries a variety of stretchy bead string for quick beading projects at any experience level. Stretchy bead string is perfect for inexpensive or informal jewelry, especially children's jewelry. Because it is easy to use, stretchy bead string is great for those just learning or for when large quantities of jewelry need to be made in a short time.


Stretchy bead string is a flexible, stretchable beading medium available in a variety of sizes. The smaller size is easier to work with, but it has less strength than larger sizes. For durability, use the largest size that will fit through the beads. This will add the highest degree of strength to the project. Two pieces of stretchy bead string, known as a "double strand," can be used for increased strength and durability.


In addition to being easy to use, stretchy bead string has another advantage over other beading mediums. When a project, such as a bracelet, is completed, the ends can be knotted or fused. Other beading mediums require additional end pieces, such as crimp beads, to finish the project. Being able to finish a project by knotting the ends makes the finished piece appear seamless with no obvious beginning or end point. Good knots need to be used so the stretchy bead string pieces hold together and last a long time. Square knots work well for most of these types of projects.


Stretchy bead string comes in a variety of colors. The choice of colors for any project should be given careful consideration. While bright, vivid colors can add to a crazy design, more muted colors, such as white or pastels, will draw attention to the beadwork and not distract the eye.


There are a wide variety of beading patterns for stretchy bead string including simple single-strand designs, woven designs and multi-strand designs. Single-strand designs are perfect for beginners and can help build the basic skills needed at every level of beading. These designs can include a variety of beads, but the beads should have the same sized holes. Woven designs use two strands of stretchy bead string. Typically, similar sized beads are threaded on both strands using the same number of beads on each strand. Next, both strands are threaded through a larger bead. Once that is done, the pattern is repeated with the smaller beads followed by the larger bead. Multi-strand designs add a level of complexity by using three or more strands with a larger variety of beads.


Because it is easy to use, stretchy bead string is a great medium for beginners, experts and older children (ages eight and higher). Beginners will find a large variety of sizes and colors to begin creating designs and learning beadwork skills. Experts will complete a large volume of projects in a short time with renewed creativity and excitement. Beadwork is a great project for parents to share with their children while exposing them to a new hobby. [] is the source for stretchy bead string projects.


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