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Wire Bead String has wire bead string in a variety of colors and sizes. Wire bead string is a coated beading medium made of several strands of wire twisted together. The coating will ensure that the jewelry pieces have a finished look and that clothing is protected from snags when the jewelry is worn. This type of bead string is perfect for crystals, stone beads and some pearls. "Illusion necklaces," where the beads are strung on a threading medium that is barely visible, will benefit from the use of wire bead string. Wire bead string is a great beading medium for hobby beaders and jewelry makers. The flexibility and strength translate into beautiful designs and lasting gifts for family and friends.


When choosing a project that requires wire bead string, the flexibility of the jewelry piece needs to be considered. Depending on the type of jewelry, pieces follow the contour of the body in different ways and are exposed to various levels of body movement. For example, a necklace needs to follow the contours of the body more than a bracelet, so the beading medium for a necklace needs to be less prone to kinks. Wire bead string with a higher level of flexibility is less likely to kink.


For wire bead string, flexibility is determined by two factors, diameter and the number of strands of wire used to make the string. Wire bead string is available with different combinations of strand number and diameter. The 49-strand option is the strongest and thickest, but it is only available in a 0.18" diameter. Other diameters have more than several options for the number of strands, such as the 0.12" diameter that is available with seven or nine strands. offers wire bead string in a variety of diameters. The smaller sizes, such as 0.13" or 0.14", are perfect for lightweight beads such as seed beads and small pearls. Larger sizes, such as 0.16" or 0.18", are great for bigger beads.


Wire bead string that has a higher number of strands is more flexible than wire bead string with fewer strands and it is more thread-like, which means it is more flexible and less likely to kink. For some degree of flexibility, such as bracelets, a 7-strand wire bead string is perfect. This is also the best option for beginners because it is the most economical choice. For professional beading, the 19-strand wire bead string offers more flexibility. The most flexible and strongest wire bead string has 49 strands.


Jewelry pieces made with wire bead string are usually finished with crimp beads. If the project requires a smaller diameter of wire bead string, the ends can be knotted for use with bead tips, also known as "clam shells." Bead tips are used to finish the ends of jewelry items such as necklaces or bracelets. makes every beadwork project an expression of creativity and beauty. With a wide variety of wire bead string and other supplies, is the perfect place for beginners and experts to shop!


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